Activity 1. Drawing diagonals

We've worked the geometry, therefore, you must know that it is a square, heptagon, etc ..., but you know how many diagonals does everyone? With application below, draw a square, a triangle, a pentagon, a hexagon and an octagon, and in another color, draw its diagonals. Then in the class notebook, data points you have earned.

Activity 2. Play a Maths 3D shapes game

Now, we can see the 3D geometrical figures. You will learn the faces of each figure, its edges, its vertices, how they form, etc.. To work go to the next tool, but before, put on headphones and you must follow the instructions (which are in English). Enzarzarás you on a rescue mission. Enjoy your mission, and best of all, YOU CAN PLAY EVERY TIME YOU WANT.

A video about the most popular polyhedra

Then you will see a video made by your teacher Lucia, which will show you the most popular polyhedra, teach you and show you how to distinguish form each. Enjoy it