Spanish Language

Activity 1. Adjectives

We start with the adjectives! We know we have to learn Spanish first, but a good way is to learn together, especially to avoid the famous "false friends". To do this go to the hangman game where you must find hidden adjectives. All have worked in class, BE CAREFUL! do it before the hangman is completed.

Activity 2. Creative Writing

Are you creative? Prove it by performing the following creative writing activities. To do this click on the following images and, download the file to which you are redirected and open it on your computer. How much creativity are you?

ACtivity 3. Bart Simpson's Family

The following activity you will do it with the Jclic, therefore, access to this link to download the program first. Then click on the image below to access the file to download. Once you have downloaded it, run the program and open the downloaded file with this. Try to complete the activity. It's very simple.