Physical Education

Activity 1. Sports

As we worked in class habras physical education theory, in this activity you will find the name of all the sports that we have a puzzle. Then you have the alphabet soup, do not worry about the time, you have no limit.



Activiy 2.Basics basketbal rules

As you may have noticed in class, we have focused on basketball. It is true that you learn on the court, but you have to know some basic rules when you go out on the court do not have failures. Each image is a rule, access and learn each one of them.



Activity 3. Match the ball

The following activity you will do it with the Jclic, therefore, access to this link to download the program first. Then click on the image below to access the file to download. Once you have downloaded it, run the program and open the downloaded file with this. Try to complete the activity. It's very simple.